Cowboy Religion - Wall Art

Cowboy Religion. Cowboy Tithing. Cowboy Boots. Boots, Boot My poem: There's A Cowboy Church in Christ Jesus Out There In America. There's a Cowboy Church in Christ Jesus; Out there In America; With its homespun; Spirituality; Brazos Valley; East of Bryan; On Texas; State Highway 21; There's a Cowboy Church; Our there; A Western church; A rural barn; A rodeo arena; Where Church is held; The country gospel band; Plays sometimes softly; Sometimes loud; With baptisms; In the cattle tank; And; Sermans; Short; And Simple; Blessing; Bull rider; Team roper; Bronc rider; Bull dogger; Clowns; Those errant bull fighters; Risking life and limb; To Keep the Bull of life away; A Texas Fellowship; Of Cowboy Churches; There's a cowboy church; Out there; In America; In Texas; Oklahoma; Simple; The Tithes; The Offerings; Dropped; In Joe's boot; Or Mary's boot; During the service; Waxahachie; South of Dallas; Was first such Church; First Cowboy Church; Or so some; Shortsighted; Historian; Might deduce; But truth is; That first Cowboy Church; Was long ago; In Jesus' time; An Upper Room; The Bread and Wine; The Cruel Cross; The Empty Tomb; The Resurrected Lord; Did show himself; To Mary; Then to Peter; And the others; Now you find a; Cowboy Church; In Colorado; Idaho; Kentucky; Florida; In both the Carolinas; Cowboy Ministries; Good ministers; Disciples of our Lord The Christ; The Savior of the World; Alaska; Georgia; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Wyoming; Intercepting; Impacting; Cowboy Culture; With The Gospel of Jesus Christ; Teaching Cowboys; And Cowgirls; To Keep Christ's Commandments; Preaching God's Word; Preaching God The Father; God The Son; And God The Holy Ghost; Man Created In God's Own Image; Teaching Salvation; Repentance; Baptism in the sheep tank; Justification Sanctification Glorification; Grace; A Glorious Life to come; Teaching Endurance To the End; In Christ; Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy; His Kingdom Come; Teaching Family and Love Forever; There's a Cowboy Church out there.

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Cowboy Religion

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